Jack Turner

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Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Jack Turner began playing guitar after hearing a recording by legendary organist Charles Earland, called "Daily Double."  Upon graduating from high school and touring with an R&B band, it was in Atlantic City where Jack sat in with Charles who was performing at The Club Harlem.  A few months later he received a call to join Charles' band where for the next three to four years he would appear on a handful of recordings with "The Mighty Burner" from 1973-1977.

Jack opened a new chapter in his musical life when he released his debut solo offering titled "I Got Next."  The recording has received rave reviews  and is supported on this release by Mose Davis on organ, Carl Breeding and Moe Daniel on keys, bassists Jeff Smith and Sam Sims, trumpeter Melvin Jones and drummer David Haynes among others.

The concept for the title of the CD "I Got Next" comes from Jack's roots as a youth growing up in the Hill District of Pittsburgh.  "I played a lot of sports growing up in the community, whether we were on the basketball courts or in the pool halls, if you wanted to participate in the activities, you had to claim your spot by saying "I Got Next."

Jack Turner is one of the main players in the new movement of contemporary jazz guitar intertwining styles of soul, acid, funk and hip-hop jazz fusion.  

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