Made In New York

EC Music Agency


6 Years Ago: We Started As An Online Jazz Competition.
The Explosion Of Interest In Made In New York Innovative Jazz Competition Has Turned The Website Into A Jazz Hub.
Today: We Are World’s First Online Jazz Competition, With Over 50,000 Registered Fans And Musicians From 55 Nations And Counting.

5 Years Ago: We Introduced Our First Show In New York At The Tribeca Performing Arts Center. Since Our First “Sold Out Show” We Created Multiple Shows With Artists From Dozens Countries Performing Together With Jazz Legends.

3 Years Ago: We Opened Our First International Festival In Europe. Today: Working With The Most Renown Jazz / Funk/ Fusion / World Artists We Are Known For Creating Unique Lineups And Putting Together The Best International Shows.

Now: We Are Ready To Hit The Road And Impress Your Audience!

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